Donut Shop

Looking for a Quality Donut Shop? Order From Our Donut Shop Montauk Is Looking Forward To!

As a new donut shop in Montauk, we’re excited to start offering all of our freshly made donuts to you and your family! If you’re looking for a new ice cream shop and donut shop Montauk neighborhoods are going to love, then you need to stop in when we open up in summer 2020! At our shop, you’ll be able to put together amazing edible combinations. We have sweet chocolate donuts, rainbow donuts and more. We want to talk to you about coming to see us in person, where we’ll host parties and events and shower you with the sugary goods that you’re going to love. Today, we’re offering Zoom parties, because we don’t think that a quarantine should stop you from enjoying sweets with your family and friends!

We offer a variety of donut packs that are perfect for a child’s party, birthday or other event. We make donuts fresh daily, because we believe that there is nothing more amazing than a sweet, fresh donut to make your day better! You can shop on our site now, even though our brick-and-mortar location isn’t yet open. We’ll send you a Sundae Donuts DIY decorating kit with 25 or 50 donuts, depending on the option you choose. We are happy to deliver them to you! In combination with our ZOOM parties, you’ll love that you can share your enjoyment of these sweets with the people you care about!

We know that life is a little different right now, so we want to be there for you as you learn to live with the changes while still having a great experience with those around you. We think that you can add a little something sweet to your life, and you’ll feel much better.